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There are different phases in everyone’s lives. And every one of us needs a different amount of time for these phases. But there is also the time that finally the preparatory phase ends and there is time to act, to put words into action, to finally trust the intuition and switch from waiting in preparation to the actual real life. This moment is quite beautiful. This is precisely the moment in which you can become a fighter.

You spent all the time that you needed in preparation for this day to come. You finally know what is it that makes your heart beat a little faster. You discovered what is the actual role you need and want to play in this life and world. This is an enormous achievement in my opinion. It not only shows that you are sure about WHO you are and that you are connected with your purpose, but it also means that, by now, you’ve gotten all the answers about HOW you think you may get where you need. Only one step separates you from the start. Now is the moment to be a fighter.

The plan is there, your vision of this ideal life is hanging whenever you close your eyes. Unfortunately, when you open them, you realize that there’s a long way ahead. You feel it might be a little too far or too demanding. So, you either stay in the place of comfort or put on these shoes and start the walk. The walk where you sometimes will need to fight.

Fighting, for me, has also positive connotations. You can fight with the reality whenever it is not materializing as you wish it were, by changing your automatic thoughts or questioning the beliefs you’ve had for way too long. When they start to limit you, it’s a big sign for you to address them and sometimes fight them.

A fighter knows what tools or techniques she needs to win.

Do you know what do you need to succeed?

She knows her aim very clearly and is focused on it.

Where is YOUR focus? Do you spend time reaching your goal or on other things?

A fighter trust that she has what it takes- the strength and stamina to go through the obstacles.

Do you feel this power in you? Are you sure you have all it takes?

She’s in it to win it.

Are you THAT committed?

Trust that you’ll never be more ready to start. Just do it and modify the techniques when necessary. Only you have this special vision of what makes your life better. No one else will bring it to you. Step up and start your fight for it.

Fight to be you.
Fight to live YOUR life.
Fight for your right to be happy.
Fight for LOVE.
Fight for all the good things in life that didn’t yet come in your direction.
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