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We all have this vision of the perfect self, our perfect life, relationships, or the way our days and the whole life should be like. Some of us make everything to try to realize this vision, as they believe it's up to them and a bit of luck. They strongly believe they deserve it, their support system is in place and all the universe works so that they make step by step on this way to the perfect life. There are also some for whom this is not so straightforward. First of all, even if they have this ideal vision, their current life and past experiences result in the lower esteem of the control over this and the change seems not so realistic. How about you? Where are you now? Is there something that's bothering you so much that it's been following you for a very long time? Is there this one element in your life that you KNOW should be different for you to feel happier? What are you missing in order to make this step? Friday 19 November, my #66 DAYS FOR CHANGE program is launching for the last time this year. People have been asking me for it, so I'm not waiting till 2022. And this is actually because I simply don't believe in the New Year's resolutions. The sustainable change needs to happen wisely and throughout time, not from 31 December to 1 January. I tried and failed every time. This is how psychology works and we suddenly feel deprived of something the moment we decide to change it. Instead, let's look at various elements of your life before you decide what works and what needs some more attention. I'll be guiding you step by step and we will schedule a 1:1 session once you're ready to go forward with the change. If you want to be part of it, sign up and get ready for this amazing journey!

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