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When is the best time for a change?

Hint- yes, your intuition has this right!

The trust is - when you start noticing the need to change, this is usually the most natural moment for the change to start. This is the most potent opportunity: when the motivation is at its highest, as you see many reasons for it to go through as well as the rather negative consequences of not taking action. We can use the frustration so that it positively serves us and find solutions. Because one thing is to notice the need for change, and another one is to be in a position to change. We can thankfully change our attitudes, ways of perceiving something, even some thinking patterns (although this usually takes longer). We are in the power of our reactions, over the amount of energy we dedicate to the issue and the decision of either constructively changing what's in our hands, or changing rather our outlook on it.


Another interesting aspect of change is the very first step we could take. It often really IS in our power. there can be many reasons that are holding us from this action. In most cases, the problem might be that after this first critical step, there will be probably many reactions that are out of our control. And this is precisely what withholds us. We are afraid of the unknown or of the worst-case scenario. Another reason is that we tend to focus too much on the outcome, on the very opposite of the current situation, on erasing the problem, the "all too ideal scenario". This is unfortunately also very limiting in consequence, as it freezes our actions. We see the beautiful vision, but not the concrete steps and although we can name the next immediate step, we cannot perceive the whole path.

Sounds familiar? Have you tried to implement some change in your life but always either gave up even before starting or was too afraid of the potential effects of it as too revolutionary for the current status quo? This has a lot of possible explanations and I'm sure you could easily identify them yourself. Maybe "the timing wasn't right" or maybe the place, or you were missing this final push or the confirmation that this is the good way to go. Or you'd feel better if someone somehow decided instead of you, or helped you in some way?

I perfectly know it. And I've been there myself. Many, many times. Chickening out before this final decision, signature, click, allowing the universe to show later whether it was a good or bad choice. I also took many completely spontaneous decisions in my life, where I've put everything on one card. And it worked. Or it didn't. And I've learned from both experiences.


There are some "inner calls for change" that keep on appearing when our mind is calm. When we don't focus our attention on anything in particular. Some kind of voices from your intuition. And very often they keep on repeating the same message, an impulse for change that you feel would provide you so much more clarity, authenticity or happiness, but somehow it just keeps staying there under the surface of the real life. Being constantly pushed to the background by other, "more alarming" events of life or busy thoughts. Until the next time when you get reminded of this idea you had by seeing someone realizing it, living the life you wanted for yourself, showing you that YES, it is possible. and probably not easy. But without this adjustment in your life, this first step towards change, it is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

You are your sabotaging force.

Not the "unfair universe" it. You know it. Not your childhood, not people who hurt you. You are the only necessary element for the change to start happening.

Yes, but HOW TO START?

Throughout my life, I've tested many tools and methods. On myself as well as with my clients. I had witnessed some amazing transformations. And I feel that I also keep on evolving myself, as a person and therapist. Our ways are unique and what worked for me would not necessarily have the same effect on you. There are, however, some necessary steps that you'll need to take on your journey if you want the change to provide long-lasting effects on your life.

66 DAYS FOR CHANGE (click to learn more about the online program)

My idea is to offer you an online program with daily exercises inspired by positive psychology, Buddhism, and yoga. And these will not be physical exercises, rather visual pdfs with many interesting steps to follow through. I don't want it to be yet another challenge. I believe in the power of commitment. That's why the therapeutic process takes time. And that's why to welcome a stable change and not only a trend, you need to carefully analyze and adapt several elements of your lifestyle, create new habits and routines and keep showing up day-by-day with no judgment but open heart and mind.

Are you feeling you might be interested in following this process with my help?

Let me then explain more in detail how I see this journey and which areas it will touch. You must know that in all I do, I am deeply inspired by Buddhist and yogic philosophies. But not only theoretically. The most inspiring element has always been for me how to "translate" these spiritual development concepts into daily life and use it in a more practical way to deal with whatever comes on my way. And how, through my behavior could I come closer to expressing my life's purpose. I know that some words like "mission and vision of life" or "true self" may sound vague and disconnected from the real-life, but very often in my psychotherapy practice that's precisely what's missing in people's lives- a lack of clarity of mind, passion, a vision of what gives them the real satisfaction and happiness. And that's what we are going to focus on in this program.


It will be necessary for us to connect along your journey. And you will be the one deciding at which point would you need this additional directions precision and support. I prepared an outline of action points, but you will be responsible for its implementation. There will be room for adjustment, depending on what field your need for change touches upon. I aim to equip you with a personalized tool for this change to materialize. Day-by-day. For 66 days. Step-by-step. Side-by-side. 66 exercises, delivered to you daily to finally bring this change to life. A very real, daily action, not only a thinking process.

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