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The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced some old fears in many of us. And our most basic needs have been under question. The stress is real and our lower mood is a natural reaction to it.


Fears are here for a reason and we need to allow them to be there. They are the messages from our body- it simply shows what's important to us.

But once it starts to spin around and becoming the only subject of our attention, that's when it no longer serves us. And that's also a sign that our coping strategies failed and didn't filter accordingly.

Exaggerated fears may mean a lack of grounding. When it touches us too deep than it rationally should. When it takes over the control of simple daily activities. Then people come to see me and say they had panic attacks. Or they first experience somatic symptoms of chest pain, breathing problems and first see a generalist who diagnoses anxiety.


Not ignorant, but resilient to the negative effects of anxiety. Resilience is simply the way you respond to the crisis. How you're reacting shows your level of resilience. One way out is to go IN. Either by psychotherapy or with self-supporting tools of relaxation and breathing exercises. Make sure you pay attention to your kidneys. Too much stress and lack of proper ways to regenerate energy may lead to kidney fatigue.


Enjoying time with your family or simply having quality time to spend the way you usually don't have. The more time you spend your time doing things you CAN influence, the happier and more resilient you become. When you're concerned about issues that are above your control, you sabotage your happiness.


You get to intentionally design a life you want to live. Make sure you choose exactly what makes you expand and feel fully yourself and as much in control as you can. A key is to notice this space of stillness between all the outside busyness and inner chaos, a time when you can be a human being, instead of a human doing, with your full attention. My slow pace happens throughout the day. Slowing down when I eat, appreciating the nourishing meals, making sure I get the necessary balance of action and relax, monitoring sleeping patterns, making conscious choices of what I spend my energy on.

I work via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or phone. Whatever suits you best at this special time.

Maybe this is a good opportunity to finally reach out for help with some long-forgotten issues that are coming to the surface now?

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