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66 DAYS to your inner calm 


Your happiness is in your hands. Everyday.

Systematic actions bring change that lasts.

Let me ask you something:

Are you tired of being sad, annoyed, and unhappy?

Seeing from the outside, you seem to be successful in many ways, but it doesn’t feel like it? You aren't sure what success feels like to you? 

Your work is all right, but you miss this special sparkle in your life?

Are you a bit lost, feeling that your work/life balance is out of hand?

Nothing brings you the amount of joy that you expected or that it used to? 

No sense of fulfillment?

Besides your financial stability, you still lack a more profound sense of your life? 

Would you like to slow down and lead an alternative lifestyle?

Do you feel disconnected from your intuition?

What you often ask yourself:

Am I making correct decisions in my life?

Is my life moving in the right direction or at the right pace?

How could I become more self-sufficient?

Can I learn to trust and accept myself more?

Who am I?

Can I change?

Can I be a good person?

Am I worth happiness?

Can I achieve something in life?

Is there a guarantee that I will make good choices?

Is this you?

Your everyday seems to be a waste of time, and nothing brings you the satisfaction you need. Although you don’t have a diagnosed depression, you feel that your mood is relatively low, and almost nothing can elevate it. Of course, this affects your performance at work, where you no longer seem to be fully engaged. You have some close friends, but the social interactions make you lately a bit anxious. You feel you’re not interesting enough to share your stories and life adventures. There’s nothing important or unique that you feel could bring added value to other’s lives, and you distance yourself and spend most of your free time alone. You have enough of the family members asking you if everything was ok and how they could help. You feel guilty that you are a burden to them and don’t want to talk about your problems anymore and hide behind a fake smile. As a result, you continuously keep being alone with all the troubles that need to be addressed.

This feeling of being stuck

You’ve spent enough time planning and dreaming about your ideal future life without real necessary steps to bring it on. You keep on saying that you need to act. Enough of the “preparatory phase”. You feel like you’re ready to jump on another level, but you are full of doubts about the next step. You don’t want life to give you another discouragement and feeling of failure. You had too many disappointments and are too afraid to face yet another one, which all blocks you from realizing your true passions? Or you’ve hidden the desires so deep inside that you are no longer sure what they are anymore. Are you angry about your life? About some past experiences? Do you tend to ruminate about some people who hurt you or some facts about your life that you have no control over? It irritates you because you used to be different. And deep inside, you still have this hunger for joy, creativity, fun, and pure happiness.

Is it possible to be happy every day?

Do you want to be sure that you are listening to your intuition and trusting it?

Feeling attuned and aligned with your soul? Do you doubt your internal guidance system?

Are you stuck in an unhealthy pattern? Do you need a piece of calm?

Do you feel like you are out of balance?

Do you need to pamper your mental health?

Would you like to take care of yourself in a supported manner?

You can dedicate this time to yourself and inner balance.

Do you recognize these feelings of being unhappy, unworthy, the frustration that it’s not coming, lack of clarity, having way too many options?

You've already tried

You feel that it's already too late to change. But the truth is that it's too difficult to keep on living this way. You think that there are too many layers involved. Yet, it would help if you started resolving this all somewhere. One by one. Maybe this would need a very drastic change. But I believe you are ready.

Maybe you already tried talking therapy. It got you some results, but when it finished, you felt left alone. 

You read a lot of blogs, books and listened to an interesting podcast about your problem. It assured you that you are not the only one getting through it, but it didn't impact your daily life. It was all good in theory, but you missed the practical implications. What you need is a systematic change and a way to measure your progress.

What worked in the past was an unforgettable massage treatment, going to a yoga retreat, or a nice get together with girlfriends. But this is expensive and time-limited. It would be best if you had something to have by your side daily, not occasionally. 


You save time. I present you with the current research and practical tools in an accessible way to say goodbye to stress and welcome happiness.

You learn techniques that bring you inner peace, help you feel truly happy in your daily life, connected to your vision of a healthy lifestyle, and work on your self-confidence.

Simple tools to start using in your life immediately in response to stress.

When you finally address all the areas of 66 days, you’ll also know what your next step is. You will have a clear vision and roadmap to get to the happiness tailored to your own soul’s needs.

With this online program, we address the feeling of gloom that blocks your creative actions. The low self-worth and all components of self-image are so important on the way when you address everyday challenges and set goals.


Because if you are not self-confident enough, you won’t reach for the high hanging fruit. You’ll eat the low hanging with no enjoyment and still admire the one you wanted to get, but blame yourself for not being good enough to have it. And we will work on this dimension.


I create a safe, untroubled space for my clients.

I show up and give attention to my clients. Your feedback matters to me, and I listen to every suggestion. My most excellent skill is to listen to people and their stories. I’m here for you.

Imagine someone opening a window in a very dusty darkroom. Suddenly there’s much light and new air. I’ve dealt with my mess, and now I am here to help you figure out yours.


Enlightenment tastes of freedom. I am here to experience this freedom in your life and make you believe that it is possible.

Mixing the philosophy of Buddhism, meditation, and positive psychology practical tools of time management. I learned meditation in the Vietnamese monastery and became a yoga teacher in India.


I guide you through the mechanisms of stress, emotions, self-control, and digging into self-consciousness. I help you listen to your body, trust it again.


What's my uniqueness? I care about the visuals- you’ll get an efficient approach and practical tools for daily life implementation. I keep it short as I value your time. Be ready for daily inspirations and knowledge for change – tools that I tested on my clients and me.

I'm bringing many years of experience in helping people live better lives- you are my focus here. I worked on many public health and social policy projects. I know how to guide change. You're in safe hands.

I listened to over a thousand life stories over my several years of clinical practice. And every time I worked to find a solution to a unique problem. I always look at my client from a holistic approach and find ways towards happiness. My interest in time management made me change my view of psychotherapy. I wanted quicker results.


Some of my clients' transformations are inspiring stories. My shift is also proof that my methods worked. I would like you to know that I've also gone my path, and it wasn't easy all the time, so I feel where you're coming from. And I understand that we each have a unique way to go, although it's easier to be guided by someone who has been in a similar place. I'm here so that you can be sure that you make the right steps.

Magic Hand


A slowed-down life, full of gratitude.

You are discovering your unique path to happiness. Daily.

Imagine that you know what it means to be happy, and you love your life daily. At the end of this journey, you’ll have all the necessary tools for implementation. A real roadmap that you’ll create with my help in 66 days. You’ll have clarity about the ways you could feel happy.

You would finally wake up full of motivation for a new day, full of positive energy to spread with your actions.


Social support is essential to you, and you value quality over quantity. You would like to be an authentic self in these interactions, especially with the closest friends.

You are your family's energy wheel; they all take inspiration from your transformation and ask you for recommendations. You feel you are being yourself on every occasion, telling the truth, and living your truth.


You will get comfortable with yourself, thanks to the insights of the guided meditations and other tools of self-care and balance. You will have a clear plan of self-development with a roadmap of achievable steps.

You will connect with your intuition to better know who you are, identify with, and understand yourself better.


You’ll have a clear vision of how you would like your life to be. What kind of lifestyle is the closest to your heart, and which needs are your priority now? You will also learn how to satisfy your needs without externalizing them.


My method is not a quick win. You’ll need to get your nails in it. And that’s the only condition of success. I share with you the know-how, you show up. You do it daily; at a particular moment, you dedicate yourself. You implement the methods at your pace and commit to 66 days. And we talk in between.  



A clear pathway to follow for 66 days. No need to think about the next steps, I've done this for you.


Delivered directly to your inbox in a simple format: pdfs are easy to print, meditations to listen to, and the oracle cards to reflect on while journaling.


It's good to know things. But here you will put them into action. Daily.


You decide when you need your one on one session with me. It can be at the very beginning to clarify your plan for the program or at the very end to see whether you achieved your goals.


your investment: 188eur

“Why does it take so long? I feel like 66 days it's a bit too much for me to follow one program.”​



—  I am used to working 1:1 in a psychotherapy setting. Here changes take some time. I wanted to provide all the necessary steps of a change process so that we don't end up forgetting any elements. That's why it has to take this long. You have an option of a 1:1 online meeting with me if you would like to raise any concerns about the way or when something is unclear. It is serious work and not a magic wand coming to save your life.



Psychologist, Yoga researcher

I have been waiting for a long time for life to bring me happiness. I wanted to satisfy my goals, dreams. I needed to overcome many challenges to be where I am now: financial, intellectual, cultural, required to learn many new skills, explore various jobs and social contexts.


In my career, I worked in many international organizations and needed to slow down and search for alternatives myself. With my conscious choices, I finally reached my inner calm.


Happiness, contentment, and satisfaction with life were always my interests, but now I understand why instead of feeling it, I was too focused on achieving it.


I got out of many unhealthy patterns in life and learned how to respect myself and my health. Thanks to the switch to a healthy lifestyle and change of habits, I now live according to my intuition, a respectful and eco-friendly conscious life. I would love to share with you my journey as this could work the magic for you too.

Ok, there’s plenty of psychotherapists and therapy styles. But I want to be honest with you- I also felt a lack of the therapy's daily implication. And only regular implementation leads to change. I believe that you need a real change in your life. Not only digging through your past. 


I walk the talk. Not only do I know the practical tools, but I also use them, and this makes the difference. It works, and I know it from my own experience. I can show you the way step by step because I’ve already walked it. And I’ll be there with you. Day by day. As your reminder. As a new tool to test, as a new page in your calendar. To facilitate the change process and achieve a real change. With the eye of a psychologist.

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